queers of the kingdom print
queers of the kingdom print

queers of the kingdom print

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INTRODUCING…the Queers of the Kingdom map!🌸🌈💕💜✨

After weeks and weeks of research, listening to podcasts, delving in to the LGBT+ archives and watching documentaries it’s finally finished🥳 and my god am I proud of it!

This baby comes in A4 and A3 print, and I can NOT wait for you all to see it and learn about these people who are erased from our countries history.

It’s a massive celebration of queers, featuring lesbians from the 1700’s to modern day drag icons!🌈💜 people who’s stories deserve to be told and we should have heard about!!!!

If you’re queer I hope, like me, you find solace in these stories and feel empowered by the ways in which people lived their lives so courageously. If you’re not queer, I hope you can use this map as the educational tool you never had at school, and to show your allyship to the community.